• Gives you the opportunity to eliminate and save on most of the chemical detergents and household cleaning products that you have used up to now. 

  • It is a unique environmentally friendly and non - polluting solutions avoids the use of highly polluting and toxic detergents and softners.

  • Completely natural - allergy and eczema friendly 

  • No more need to dose detergents it all happens automatically

  • It ensures 5 times the cleaning action of any chemical detergent - 

  • It looks after your fabrics, it is not aggressive and the material will look as new for longer 

  • It works with cold  water reducing your consumption of electricity

  • It disinfects in 3 different ways  

  • It has an antibacterial and anti fungal action 

  • Protects your washing machine by keeping it clean from mould and bad odour 

  • contributes to the preservation of our waters as  it will reduce waste of chemical detergents

  • Reduction of plastic  consumption of plastic packages