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12 easy steps to look after your wool and cashmere and some myth busting x

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Nights are drawing in and the air is definitely cooler, I have already reached out for my favourite woolly jumpers, as I have a passion for everything wool ,cashmere and warm. While growing up I was surrounded by all sorts of wools and textiles as my mother used to create exceptional pieces for a few boutiques in Milan. I still have and treasure some of these from almost 40 years ago.

Taking care of wool is easier than you might think. You really want your favourite pieces to last for as long as possible.

Here is how and a few myths busted

1) You should NOT wash pure wool every time you wear it, unless you really need to as it is a natural substance that keeps itself clean. You may have noticed that it is rare for a pure wool or cashmere item to smell.

2) When WASHING turn your garments inside out and wash at maximum 30 degrees.

3) If you are still using DETERGENTS make sure you use a gentle one and set your washing machine on the wool or hand wash cycle, select a high spin speed to thoroughly remove rinse-water, which will contain detergent and other residues that will inevitably attach to your clothes fibres. 

4) You can avoid detergents I wash with cold water using an active oxygen laundry system and no detergents and my wool and cashmere come out fresh and soft without the need of any additional softener. Washing in cold water also allows me to save on electricity bills while preserving fibres integrity and quality.

5) Remove stains by wiping or gently brushing the fibres before they set into the fabric. It the stain has dried you can gently use lukewarm water, run some water from a tap into the fibres.

6) When DRYING keep dark and light coloured separate, as depending on how they are dyed some items can bleed. NEVER use tumble dryers to dry wool garments, only lay flat over a towel and put it in shape with your hands.

8) When STORING your garments empty all your pockets, remove belts to avoid sagging or mis-shaping your items. You can hang your woven wool on shaped or padded coat hungers, it is best to always fold and store your knitted items in a drawer. Also it is good to resist wearing your favourites pieces day in day out as when resting for a day it allows them to get back to its original shape.

9) If you are storing items for a longer time it is important that your wool clothes are throughly clean before you put them in airtight containers or cotton bags as mots are attracted to food stains and body odour. I avoid the use of moth repellent as they are toxic You can use cedar wood or clean the inside of your wardrobe with water from your active oxygen system as this is a natural repellent for insects and an eco-friendly antibacterial. Or use an ozone producer to eliminate any smell from your wardrobe.

10) To remove odours you can lay wool garments flat on a towel for one hour and leave it out in the fresh air or again put them in a bag or drawer and insert the nozzle from an ozone producing device and you will take away odours and at the same time sanitise your garments and prevent them from MOTHS attacks.

11) If you need to IRON make sure you use the wool setting and steam, and if it is a very delicate fabric you may not need to press on the wool. My mum taught me to steam throughout while keeping the iron a few centimetres away. You can also gently iron on a damp cloth - don’t iron if your garment label says not to iron! use your hands to gently reshape the garments whilst ironing - Be really careful not to use a too hot setting as it can discolour the wool. At times you can refresh your items and avoid ironing by leaving them in a steamy bathroom.

12) Lastly I use a bobble remover to take away little fluff and bobbles that forms on wool and cashmere to keep them looking as new for longer.

13) The need to DRY CLEAN wool and cashmere is a myth!! I personally avoid it as much as possible to reduce our exposure to chemical toxins, the impact on the environment, on your fibres and our skin, if you don’t feel comfortable washing your wool and cashmere garments at home because you always had mixed results think about an Active Oxygen washing system as it will give you amazing results especially with wool and cashmere as they come out super soft. You will also have a softer fresh garment that has been washed, sanitised and deodorised in a completely natural way with no chemical detergents nor strong dry cleaning chemicals.

If I can do it so can you, as I am not the most domesticated of creatures. By following these simple suggestions you will be able to look after your wool and cashmere naturally and enjoy them for years to come.

If you wish to know more about our active oxygen washing systems email me directly at s.giunta@k-o3.com or follow me at @ÈcomodoUKOfficial on facebook or as Silvia Giunta on LinkedIn

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