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The costs of doing your laundry, for your pocket and the environment.

Updated: May 17, 2019

How much do you spend yearly for your laundry?

Different families have different costs. The cost will change depending on how the size of your family, on the type of detergents that you buy, wether you use a softener and how often you use descales, which temperature do you use.....

if you have young children and are already chasing non-toxic detergents and softeners you are spending above average a your choice of detergent is already in the high price category.

What are the costs of a family with 2 adults and 2 school age children?

1 washing machine every other day at 40 degree

2 /3 washing machines at the weekend for uniforms and what was accumulated during the week, delicates and sheets.

Costs to bear in mind

Running energy for 1 load of laundry at 40

Running energy for 1 load of laundry at 60



color catchers

pre-treating agents


Multiply this for a week, then for a month then for a year

weekly costs

monthly costs

yearly costs

This doesn't take into consideration the plastic bottles that accumulate in the environment the water waste full of detergents and softeners

the chemicals that we release in the environment and that are trapped in our garments and stay in contact with our skin.

One family at the time we want to change this.

The cost of doing your laundry


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